The spirits of ancient Japan


Kojiki is "a poem-tale" - a book of history written about 1300 years ago that contains great many Japanese poems as its essentials. The language used in it is the one which was being spoken by ancient people and became the origin of contemporary Japanese. Naomi Utamakura brings to life the precious Japanese spirit by singing it with new music.

1.The Tree of Birth
2. Walls for Defence in Izumo Province
3. Oonamuchi's Proposal of Marriage
4. The Night of Tomorrow (The Reply of Princess Nunakawa)
5. The Love of Sea Gods
6. Hunters of Uda Mountains / Iwarehiko - an Invader from the Sea
7. A Riddle Song(Strangely Tattooed Faces)
8. The Last Verse of the Hero - from Yamato
9. A Ship Named Karano - The Spirit of a Big Tree
*Interlude - Singing Competition at the Marketplace, part 1
10. Forbidden Love of Prince and Princess Karu
*Interlude - Singing Competition at the Marketplace, part 2
11. The Pray to Gods of Mountains after Hunting
*Interlude - Singing Competition at the Marketplace, part 3
12. The Tragedy of Princess Kage
13. The Land Rich in Rice Crops - Japan
14. How Japanese Ancient People Made Sake from Rice

Tales of the Japanese spirit

This album consists of musical pieces from a big repertoire of Naomi Utamakura’s wakageki. She sings waka chosen from Japanese historical literature like Kojiki (“Record of Ancient Matters”), Nihonshoki (“Chronicles of Japan”), Manyōshū (“Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves”) . The glittering sounds of these songs reflect the ideas and thoughts of ancient people which they wanted to be conveyed to the next generations.

kotonoha (2).jpg
Naomi Utamakura

・Thou Blossomed, O Flowers Of Plum!
・Only One Night
・A Sake Making Song
・Lady Kagehime
・Theme Song From “Nukata”(Piano solo)
・A Song For Celebrations
・A Sorrow Of Awaji Island
・A Proposal Song Of Wakatake Of Hatsuse
The Koyasu Stone:
 A Song For Pregnant Women
・To Ise Land
・Theme From “Nukata” (A Vocalise)

12 tracks

hugetudoten[1] (2).jpg
Naomi Utamakura

Without Borders
On the Forest Glade
・This Wine
・Cranes Are Passing By
・Love Among Leaves
・Medori and Hayabusa’s Love Song
・Theme of the Messenger
・The Last Song
・What Kuukai Left Behind
・In Izumo
・Garden in Iyo

12 tracks

yamatouta[1] (2).jpg
Naomi Utamakura

I’ll Protect You
・Love of God of the Sea
・Tomorrow’s Evening
・Ubena Ubena
・Magnificent Yamato
・Boat of Karano Tree
・Princess Tarashi’s Song
・Love Song of Yoshino
・Song about the Capital Fujiwara
・On the Big Sea

12 tracks

Manyōshū spelled with music

With a crystal clear voice, this recording tells us about origin of Japanese mind and spirit which can be found between verses of Manyōshū. The assimilation of ancient poetry with contemporary music exceeds ordinary dimensions of music and creates a new quality. It calls the ancient memories and makes listeners willing to go for a short trip to the deepest part of our heart bringing relieve and peace.

caeli[1] (2).jpg
Naomi Utamakura

・CAELI Vocalise
・A Beautiful Girl’s Basket
A Flower Of Katakago
・Looking At The Moon
・Spring Melancholy
・Divine Sake
・Seven Herbs Of Fall
・Landscapes Of Mt. Tachiyama
・To Shorten The Distance
Three Mountains Of Yamato
・Children Are Like A Treasure
・A Lucky Couple
・At Least

13 tracks

asane[1] (2).gif
Naomi Utamakura

Disheveld Hair
・Before The Dawn
・Tatsutahiko, The Divine
・Chattering River
・Mt. Fuji
・Thou, Like A Flower of Murasaki
・I`ll Find You On The Other Side
・My Beloved Wife
・In Spring Under The Tree
・A Knights’ Song
Come, My Lucky Time
・Utamakura – The Theme Melody

12 tracks

asuka (2).jpeg
Naomi Utamakura

The Wind of Asuka
Love of Chikuma
・When the Moon is Invisible
・Waves of Oumi
・Going Over the River
・Coming Coming
・Flowers Akihagi in Takamado
・You’ll Come in my Dream
・The Moon in Inamino
・Flowers Omoigusa
Yearning for Asuka

11 tracks

miya[1] (2).jpg
Naomi Utamakura

Yamato, My Land
Early Spring
・A Flower On Sake
・I Prefer Autumn
・Spring Field
・Mt. Ikoma
・Elegy, Mt. Futakami
・Cosmic Love
・My Love
Mt. Miwa
・Waiting for you

15 tracks